Dronolab is a student club of the École de Technologie Supérieure (ETS) located in downtown Montreal. The mission of the student club is to maintain a multirotor fully autonomous which performs aerial survey for civil applications. The design and improvement of such a technical system involves the collaboration of several fields like software engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and others. The ingenuity, creativity and contribution of each members brings us to a high level of performances and reliability in flights operations.

Multidisciplinary experience

At Dronolab, we want every team member to be stimulated and have fun. We need as many members as possible in the full spectrum of engineering fields available in order to keep our systems to the top of their performances. As a member of Dronolab, you will have the chance to choose what project you will work on. Knowledge about UAVs is not needed as we will teach it to you. Also, we have plenty of projects you could help us on to help your integration.

A passionate team

We are passionate. We feel a great pride to apply our engineering concepts within the club. Everyone is pushing its own limits to improve our platforms and systems performance. We work as a team, we win as a team, and we celebrate as a team. Our love for engineering is without limits, and we are always ready to try out new concepts. Come on down and you'll see how contagious is our passion!

International competitions

We currently are competing on two different events, one in USA and another one in Canada. Both of these competitions gives us the opportunity to work on great challenges and forces us to push innovation more and more every year. Every year, we are eager to show our technologies and new systems to the other teams. Also, Do not forget our in-door racing contest for multirotors taking place at ETS created by us!

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Contact us

Like to talk about? Come see us at 1760 local in building A! We will be happy to welcome you. If you can’t move, you can send a message about:

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We look forward to meeting you!